Dental Care

Affordable dental care?
I asked this question before and the answers I got were not helpful at all. If I really can't afford to get regular dental care, then I definitely can't afford to go to Mexico. There are no dental schools in my area so, that is out. Unfortunately, my insurance has no dental plan and I need some work done. I'm starting to feel pain in my back tooth.

Can anyone give me a helpful answer and tell me where I can get good, affordable dental care? Keep in mind I am on a very low income and,

Dr. Drea:i hope everything works out ok... More...

discounted dental care, Gwinnett County, GA area?
some dental labs offer individual dental care, is such an operation located in Gwinnett County or the Atlanta area very sure but you can try this site. More...

Is routine dental care available to all citizens of main land china?
I have noticed that people over 70 years of age who have immigrated to the United states recently have very poor dental hygeine. HAS ROUTINE DENTAL CARE INCLUDING TEETH CLEANING NOT BEEN AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE OTHER THEN THE AFFLUENT?

hello puppy:No.... More...

inexpensive dental care?
I am in need of some dental care ... but I need a dentist that is good and affordable. Even one that would be able to set-up payments. And to boot, I currently don't have insurance. Any ideas in the Columbus, Ohio area?

dre:Ask around.
References from people you know are the best
eventually you will find someone who can't stop ranting about their dentist. These are the best refferals... More...

Free Dental Care in Canada?
Is there free dental care for British Columbia residents, a program low income families can apply for?

Kickstand:There is no such thing as a "free ride" in this world. The reason that people in Canada have "free medical care" is because they pay in the form of taxes. If they are poor, then people who work for a living are paying for them.... More...

Is dental care considered to be a luxury good?
is the quantity of dental care demanded very responsive to a change in price?

Gwydyon:Funny, but here in Canada I guess it is. Dental is not part of the state run health system. Neither is optometry, come to think of it, so I guess they are both "luxuries" from a political stand point.... More...

Did you have proper dental care as a child?
If you're a teenager, do your parents make sure you have proper dental care?

mema:I'm 55 and I didn't. I don't remember even being told to brush my teeth. Whenever I had a cavity my parents told me to get it pulled instead of filled because when I got older I would have dentures anyway. I got my first pair of dentures when I was 17. I hate my parents till today for doing tha... More...

Where can you get dental care on a sliding scale in Los Angeles?
There must be clinics in Los Angeles where anyone without insurance can get quality dental care and pay a sliding scale

Dollie24:I dont know LA that well, but I know Orange County pretty well. Ther is an organization called We Care. Also, ucla has a fantastic dental program, and they have a clinic. Western Dental Centers offer affordable dental care, although it isn't on a sliding scale. If you need very inexpensive dental ca... More...

have no dental insurance or job where can i get dental care in nc?
i am in need of dental care but dont have insurance where can i go in goldsboro nc

Bklyn Babe:you can try UNC-Chapel Hill Dental School-they have a application process where you can get cheap care and help the students learn.... More...

how can I get good quality dental care for little money..I have tried...
I live in salt lake city, ut.. can someone let me know where I can get good dental care..for little money.. I've tried all the free or low income dental offices but they all tell me they are full..

NuCarSmell:You could go to Nogalas Mexico.... More...

How do low income people with no dental insurance get care for their teeth?
My best friends teeth are in need of dental care and she doesnt' have good credit or dental insurance. I know that hospitals care for people with no money on t.v. all the time, but what does someone like her do? She isn't in pain with them, but she is about to lose 2 of her teeth if something isn't done soon and she is so sad and I am sad for her. Please help!! We live in the Houston area.

TXm42:Try contacting these people,,

Univ of Tx Dental college />
Here's another list of organiations/agencies


Where can i find low cost dental care?
Right now I cannot afford dental care & need it desperately. How do I find someone to help me? There's got to be somebody out there that will help people who need it badly. Any suggestions??
Barbie, I'm from West Tennessee.

jenteacher2001:Schools of dentistry at major universities usually have clinics, although the waiting lists can be terribly long as people need dental work and it is so expensive.
If I were you I would go ahead and make an appointment with a dentist you have heard good things about in your area, and go for a c... More...

How to live in Tunisia, costs? med/dental care?Can you homeschool?
How to live in Tunisia, costs? med/dental care?Can you homeschool?
I am thinking of moving to Tunisia. I am American and have 1 american daughter and 1 1/2 tunisian daughter--us cit. I am divorced from a tunisian. How much to rent something decent like in Monistir or Mahdia? how much do I need per month to make it? Can I teach English from my home? Can I homeschool my kids? As a woman alone, will I be safe? Thanks for any input!!! I am a Muslim revert as well. I wear hijab.

Hassen:I am an American who is married to a Tunisian and we live in Monastir. Monastir isn't the cheapest of towns to live in, housing wise, but if you really look, especially during the off season (fall and winter) you can find some really nice homes for cheap. I have a friend whose mom is renting a cute ... More...

Is there any homeopathic or other alternative dental care available?
I read a story about healers in the Philippines who tap on the root of a bad tooth before extracting it by hand without need of novocain. I am so fed up with fluoride and western dental care but can't seem to find anything else.

cherylacbus1:Not really.

Just don't use flouride in your toothpaste. Tom's of Maine, peppermint is excellent.

As long as you use Brita, or some filter like it, you should be fine.

Any flouride you get from bits of dental care else where won't do you any harm.... More...

Why does my Arabian horse require more dental care than other breeds?
My equine dentist recently told me that although my Arabian filly is completely normal with no defects, she will require more extensive and more frequent dental care due to the fact that Arabians have smaller and more compact jaws. Why is this?

:... More...

Go to Jail and get Free Medical/Dental care?
I was thinking about commiting a crime just so I can get needed health and dental care. Only prisoners are given health benefits in this country-how sick is that! And for this, they want us to pay taxes-to drop bombs and pay for the criminals. How can anyone not rebel in a major upheavel and uprising against these barbaric principles. So, convince me what to do?

R W:I'm sure you are kidding about commiting a crime. However I see where you'r comming from.I'm a EMT and do about 400 calls a year.It saddens me to repond to a call of a elderly person who has been sick for days,and still refuses to be seen in hospital because they have no to pay for medical bills.Cou... More...

Why dont Dentist adhere to the hypocratic oath like medical doctors, people need dental care as badly as med?
I live in the Chicago suburbs, the dentists here mostly are not compassionate and do not offer help to poor or indigent people.I even have medicaid and cant find a Dentist to do the work from a root canal i had to fight for. I cant get a crown. The information to go to Dental schools is false. teh Univ of Chicago Dental school wanted $865.00 for a molar crown. That was as much as ANY DENTIST IN THE WHOLE CHICAGO AREA.
We cannot take care of our own dental issues , and it seems that dentists

Dr. Sam:Let me preface this editorial by saying that I do charity care, but I pick and choose for myself who gets it and how much they get. Many dentists do the same.

You know, I took an oath to do no harm and to try my best to help people. I don't remember the part about doing it for free. It... More...

dental & health care plan in michigan ?
What is the best health care/dental plan in Michigan-MI?
By "best' I mean "over all" like covering 80 % of service, acceptable by majority of doctors,let you go to the dentist/doctor of your choice, ( may pay for medicine? not very necessary but preferable), reliable over all.

SHAHAB6:Try this website to find them and to compare them More...

health care/dental plan in Michigan -MI?
What is the best health care/dental plan in Michigan-MI?
By "best' I mean "over all" like covering 80 % of service, acceptable by majority of doctors,let you go to the dentist/doctor of your choice, ( may pay for medicine? not very necessary but preferable), reliable over all.

Joseph J:Well I live in michigan and Blue Cross Blue Shield is good. Priority Health is even better. Only 10 dollar co pay other than that 100% covered. I have this one.... More...

dental care?
what do you do to stop foul breath, halitosis?
could you use the baking soda also to stop the smell in your mouth?

:... More...

dental care?

kja63:What about it?... More...

dental care?

:... More...

dental care before surgery?
dental extractionhealingtime before an operation

DDS, MS:Depends - (A) which teeth are you getting extracted? If wisdom teeth 3-6 weeks (That again depends on the angle and locations of tooth to be extracted). Front teeth tend to heal faster than the the back. (B) How is your overall general health? - If you are diabetic you will heal slower. (C) What kin... More...

Dental Care Services provided by Reach Out America?
I'm wanting to find out information about dental services provided by Reach Out America.

shruti:Denatl treatment and surgery) is very cheap in India.There is one company that is very famous in India that arranges all surgery for foreigners in India.They are called the Forerunners Healthcare.I read a lot about them in the Newspapers and about their patient stories.I have also read that they arr... More...

Low cost dental care????
I am looking for dental clinics (low-income, free, pay by your income},My husband and I own our own buisness, therefore we have no insurance, his teeth are awful, making him sick on a regular basis. I dont mind paying, but we cannot afford regular dental costs. I live in South Carolina,near Charlotte, so even North Carolina sites would be good.

1authority:This would be great for your needs! More...

why is dental care so expensive? my teeth are awful and i am...
they don't take partial payments. there isn't a dental school around here, and dental insurance is a joke. I am glad other medical isn't like dentistry

drswansondds:I will never understand why dentists are expected to take partial payments.

Does your grocery store take partial payments? How 'bout your auto mechanic? Hair salon?

I"ll try to be helpful first and answer your question second. Call dentists and ask if they offer Care Credit... More...

Cheap dental care?
I live in VA and I do have dental insurance but it's still too expensive to get my teeth fixed. I need a cap, root canal, and fillings plus my wisdom teeth out. Does anyone know of a cheap way to get it done.

warren1515:To be honest with you, I do not think there is a cheap and/or inexpensive way to get done what you need. Just as with medical insurance, as soon as the dental community realized there were people with dental insurance, their rates skyrocketed. Congress and the President , whoever he has been, has do... More...

how can i get dental care with no insurance?
i need dental work done but have no dental insurance. any ideas?

Screaming Daisy:Bring a great deal of cash, or a credit card with a big limit.
Or you can promise your first born....... More...

Where can I get free dental care in the Metro Detroit area?
I need extreme dental work, probably dentures, and I don't have dental insurance. My teeth hurt and I can't eat anything without alot of pain.

Dr. Sam:Contact your local or state dental association and and see if there are any dentists who provide free or reduced cost care for low-income, disabled or senior patients.

Call your local health department and ask about health centers that provide dental care for free or on a sliding scale.More...

Is there a way to get free dental care in Manitowoc, Wisconsin? I don't have dental insurance.?
I don't have dental insurance - is there free dental cleaning anywhere in manitowoc, wisconsin, or two rivers?

Willieshac:Seriously, the best way is to go with Ameri Plan - you can get dental, vision, prescription and chiropractic care at at up to 80 per cent off. ASeriously, the best way is to go with Ameri Plan - no restrictions on pre-existing conditions. You can get this for THREE months for $23! That's a $20 regi... More...

Dental care for children and tooth decay?
Take good care of our teeth and flossing daily?

:... More...

does anyoneknow where to go for dental care in Ca? i have know ins.or money?
i live in kern county and have tried everything from dental schools to state help

dre:If your too rich for Medi-Cal (Denti-Cal) THe only option the State pays for is the emergency room, and they'll only give you treatment if your near death.
.... More...

... for free/discounted dental care in richmond va.. do u know where i ...
I am need of some serious dental work.. cant afford high prices or need someone willing to give me a payment plan of some sort.. other than carecredit.

Cherriest:Find the nearest dental school to you. Students are always looking for patients to work on and they are well supervised.... More...

Where can I get free to low cost dental care?
I am disable and cannot qualify for medical but I need dental work really bad. What can I go to get help?

Lee-Lee:Try this website: />Depending on what state you live in (just enter your zip code), they offer some dental plans as low as $79.95 a year! You can even compare plans to see which one would be better depending on what work ... More...

Where can I find free to low cost dental care in or around Smithville Tennessee?
I have looked everywhere for cheap to no cost dental work. I am disabled and only live on $452/ mo. My teeth are in bad shape from having three children back to back. Its so bad sometimes when I try to eat food, pieces of my teeth break off. Please help me.

bolts_volts:1800 dentist, explain your complete situation to them

check in with social services, and see what they have

lastly, if those 2 dont work, then i would go from one dentist to another pleading for them to do pro bono work. you will get one that will help... More...

What is the best way to help a third world country with dental care?
This is for a project that i have to do to graduate, i'm going to Nicaragua to help people as a dental assistant and have to write a paper about it. please help me!

Houston Dentist:Preventive dentistry. It costs less and and we can get more with prevention. Some suggestions:

Objective1: Educate them (especially the little ones) about proper oral hygiene.

. Give them the toothbrush and show them how to use it.
... More...

Can I get any kind of cheap dental care?
I've already checked on a lot of the answers. I have a broken molar and the nerve is probably exposed. I've checked with places in my area that should have helped me but, I can't get anywhere with them. The local schools don't offer those kind of services saying I may need to have the tooth pulled and replaced. I really can't afford any kind of care right now - feeding my family and myself is top priority. Does anyone know of any websites or places I can check? I'm getting tired of being in pain

D W:You can sign up for a dental discount program where you receive........well.......discounts in dental care. 50% fillings, cleanings for $50 etc. Ameriplan is one of them........u pay $12/mo and then can use any doctor on thier list to get teh discounts. I got my braces through them for $2000. Around... More...

...can go in the dallas fort worth metroplex that offers low cost or free dental care.?
I am a mother of two who had very healthy kids but i paid the price with my teeth, I am always in sever pain and i cant afford to go out and spend full price for dental. I live in fort worth texas and i really need help. Is there any where i can go.?

delfin2k6:Contact Baylor's dental training center, they have a program for students who are in their last year of dentistry study which includes low cost/free dental services supervised by the professor. You should be able to just contact the school and ask for the dental services information.... More...

Dental care available to Chicago ?
Case by case expenses or is there an equivalent in medical plans per se ?
Salient points to watch out for ?
In search of local practices and knowledge, commoner-garden web based information.
Non-commoner-garden web based information.
Dental insurance is best applied at an early age and preferably without ‘pre-existing’ conditions. Children are covered by state provisions whereas privately obtained cover is costly, often beyond the reach of averag

redunicorn:Generally people can't afford dental insurance. Under state insurance, many children can get dental insurance. Our school has mobile dentists come in twice a year because we have a lot of students living in poverty.

I could join a dental plan but I chose not to. After paying for my daugh... More...

Dental care - how do you do it?
I floss,brush and then rinse with mouthwash (2 or 3 times a day) --- what's your method ?

ladyofthehollow:sounds like you have a good program going on- just add i see my hygienist twice a year and it'd be perfect... More...

Is dental care free in Canada?

LuLuBelle:NO, dental care is not included in our Universal Health Care Plan, my province, anyway. Neither is eye care, unless it is for medical reasons ie) you have an illness or medication for a serious disease that can cause eye problems.... More...

free dental care in northern mi?

:... More...

emergency dental care and cost??
If I NEED to have the part of my crown I cracked off(a crown over a root canal) and can't afford it, will the Dentist HAVE to give me a payment plan?

nicole t:Usually if the crown is less than 3-5 yrs. old, it will be replaced at no charge. Sometimes there is a catch like....visiting your dentist for your bi-annual check ups.

If it is an older crown, you will have to pay for it. Some Dr's will work w/ you on a payment plan. Other's prefer fu... More...

Free dental care in Chicago.?
Or for homeless people

wickedkitten:Go to an Major University and ask.
I'd ask an junior college as well , ask to speak to someone over the dental courses department .
Dental Students do this for little to nothing because they need subjects to practice what they have learned, and they are supervised by a professor.... More...

Your family spend dental care more than health care each year?
Our family did a grade job on clean the teeth, but still,every time we went to dentist office,it cost me a lot of money, they have all kind of reason to get money from me.

angelbaby:Yes, I pay more because I have health insurance but not dental. It's getting ridiculous, my last cleaning was almost $100! And I don't think they are doing the job they should be. They seem like they are in it only for the money nowadays, I was thinking of switching dentists.... More...

What is CHIP? Re: dental care. Where do you go for help in paying dental bills?

A.C.Girl:CHIP is generally something you apply through at your local BlueCross BlueShield Office. They have low cost childrens insurance.
As for help with dental, don't we all need that! I have no idea where an adult can receive dental benefits similar to medicaid.... More...

how can i get dental care in georgia,i do not have dental insurance?

BroknWing:See if there is a dental college nearby, they should have reduced prices, or contact a nearby Dentist, explain that you don't have insurance and see if he can offer you a discount.... More...

i need dental care really bad and i have no money what do i do is there anyone who can help me?
i'm 26 and i really need help, i am looking for a job and a way to get my life on track but i don't know where to start. i'm ready to do whatever it takes i just don't know what to do.

loveofmylife:u can ask help from ur parents or friends, anyway ur still looking for a job and once u found one u can pay them soon.... More...

is there free dental care available for indigents in los angeles, ca.?

Caroline H:Dental schools will usually provide free dental care so the students can practice - it's actually a good deal and they are watched so no mistakes are made - I've heard great things about it.... More...

desparately need free dental care--ill-suburbs?

Dr. Sam:Contact your local or state dental association and and see if there are any dentists who provide free or reduced cost care for low-income, disabled or senior patients.

Call your local health department and ask about health centers that provide dental care for free or on a sliding scale.More...